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20 June, 2012

pop up stores

As I told you long time ago, I like to visit many pop up stores as I can (see my older post here). Maybe because although they are totally ephemeral (usually with a short length) they are made with lot of imagination and less seriousness than “regular” shops. At Igualada, a town near my village, they celebrate the REC, a pop up store meeting two times per year. During 3 days you get mad shopping and choosing from lot of products at reduced prices (they sell as outlet) at the same time that you spend a nice evening with your friends, taking a free beer and listening some live music.
And, as a follower from their first edition, I couldn’t miss this time. Then, I went with my gorgeous friend Miriam (and our respective husbands) to see what was brewing there…

Quizás recordarás que hace tiempo te comenté que me encantaba visitar las tiendas pop up (puedes echar un vistazo a un antiguo post aquí). Quizás sea porque, a pesar de ser totalmente efímeras (y normalmente de corta vida), están hechas con mucha imaginación y menor seriedad que las tiendas “normales”. En Igualada, una ciudad cercana a mi pueblito, celebran el REC, un meeting de tiendas pop up dos veces al año. Durante tres días, puedes volverte loca comprando a precios de outlet y al mismo tiempo pasar una tarde agradable con tus amigos, tomando una cerveza (gratis) y escuchando música en directo. Y como seguidora desde su primera edición, no me lo podía perder! Así, quedé con mi guapísima amiga Miriam (y nuestros respectivos maridos) para acercarnos a ver que se estaba cociendo…

Pop up store by Sita Murt

Ash shoes store (I never found my size!)

Entrance at Textura shop (they reduced at 80%)

Miriam choosing a pair of comfy shoes at Naturalista

Dj playing good music

Gorgeous armchair to rest 

Live music inside a container

Let's party at Desigual!

"Arte povera" made for the occasion

Lovely bikinis and swimming wear at TCN

Resting area under the trees
Trendy chicken (they didn't want to loose the REC neither!)
Goodbye, see you in November


Pictures: D. Bonet and by myself


24 January, 2012

just beauty

...that's all! No make-up, no stylist, no hairdresser or lighting.
Just a girl (but, what a spectacular girl!) and her point-and-shoot camera (and the jeans Rag & Bone, who paid the "D.I.Y. Project"). Because sometimes to show the real beauty you don't need anything else.

LATEST NEWS: From January 27th to February 5th my city celebrates the Barcelona Opportunity week (or BCNOW!). Then, Barcelona will be more accessible than ever, because BCNOW! will be bringing you major discounts at different places in the city. This pioneering initiative has been designed so that you can enjoy special offers at flights, hotels and restaurants, as well as at Barcelona's cultural attractions, markets and florists. 
More info:

I hope you like these pictures and you come to see me...

Solamente belleza...eso es todo! Sin maquillaje, ni estilista, ni peluquero...
Una chica (pero, vaya chica, OMG!) y su cámara (y los jeans Rag & Bone que por algo pagaron el "Proyecto D.I.Y"). Porque a veces mostrar la belleza real no necesita nada más.

Espero que te hayan gustado las fotos...

Ah! NOTÍCIA DE ÚLTIMA HORA: desde el 27 de Enero hasta el 5 de Febrero se celebra la Barcelona Opportunity week (o BCNOW!). Barcelona está más a tu alcance que nunca, porque BCNOW! te ofrece importantes descuentos en diversos ámbitos de la ciudad. Se trata de una iniciativa pionera para que disfrutes de ofertas en vuelos, hoteles y restaurantes, y también en cultura, mercados y floristerías de Barcelona.
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